Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 8 part 2 Fairbanks

I met up with my new friends from GWRRA Scotty and LaNene.  They are some of the nicest folks I have ever met.  They opened their home to me and had a fantastic breakfast ready when I arrived.  We had a wonderful conversation over breakfast.  The other fellow who was going to meet up with us was not able to, but that was OK, I had a wonderful day with Scotty and LaNene.

Scotty has a very positive attitude about life, is very patient, and level headed.  He and I share a lot of the same philosophies, our worlds are round and we are here to help each other when called upon.  He shared some stories about folks who have helped him along his was that he has been very thankful for.  It made me think of all the folks who have helped me throughout my life.

We started on the bike, but were not able to figure out the problem with the cruise control.  Unfortunately, both our skills with electronic repairs are not very extensive.  We did get the oil changed in the Wing and it is ready for the Arctic Circle run tomorrow.  I am very thankful for my time with Scotty and LaNene, it was one of the high points of the trip.  They are welcome at my home any time.

I am hoping the weather stays clear and will have to make a judgement call when the pavement ends.  My understanding is that this will probably be the most challenging part of this ride.  If it is wet, it probably will not be the best idea to ride the Wing on that road, so keep your fingers crossed.  If it is wet, I will be disappointed but I have to remember that I am not riding a KLR 650 or BMW GS 1200.  Either way, I will be heading home tomorrow.  I simply miss my family too much.

Here are some additional photos from today:

Mileage from Destruction Bay to Fairbanks 437 miles

Scotty and LaNene, simply awesome people!

This is Scotty and I right outside his house.  I asked if they get bears in his neighborhood, he said not so much, but that moose can be problematic at times.

Scotty, his Wing and I.

This is the room I have been staying in for the past two nights.
No animal counts for today

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