Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 3 Montana to Lake Louise

Day 3

Well tonight I have no cell service, internet, heat, or electricity.  This is really roughing it for me.  Since I have no internet, I am typing today’s post on a Word document which I will post when I have internet. 

Today I was able to hit the road at about 5:30 AM.
It was a beautiful morning in Montana.  I captured the sunrise over the mountains.

I thought this was a really neat old barn that was just sitting in the middle of nowhere.  I wonder how old it is.
The scenery was absolutely gorgeous.  There were rolling hills covered in green.  While I was driving through this area, the Do, Rae, Me song from the Sound Of Music came on the Ipod.  The song actually seemed appropriate given the scenery.
More scenery in northern Montana.
I crossed the border into Canada at about 12:15pm.  The border crossing was very easy.  It only took about 10 minutes, but only because there were two cars ahead of me.  I was only asked how long I would be in Canada, where I was going, and if I had any weapons.  The guard and I spoke for a few moments, he was a very jolly fellow.
The scenery just north of the boarder is not very good.  It is very flat with not much to look at.  About 70 miles north of the boarder, I stopped for gas, it was very strange to me that gas was purchased in litters.  I had a hard time figuring out how to work the pump, so a local fellow came over and helped me.  He asked about my trip and where I was from.  He was quite impressed that I had driven this far.  A few moments later, another Goldwing pulled up for gas.  I spoke with this couple their third trip to Alaska.  We were both headed to Calgary.  They were going to stop there for the day, and I was going to continue on.  We parted ways, but exchanged information as we may see each other at some point in the trip.  I made to Calgary in good time.  Traffic was terrible there.  I did not enjoy it at all and was happy to get out of there. 
Shortly after leaving Calgary, I could see the mountains.  I thought, geese, am I ready for this, well ready or not, I’m here.
My gosh, those are big mountains.  I made it to Banff at about 5:30pm, but decided to push on to Lake Louise.  I found a campground and set up camp.  It is peaceful here.  I feel really weird being by myself.  It is already starting to get cold.  I suspect it will be a very cold night.

Finally on day three, Bear count:  2

These two bears were about 200 yards from my camp.  It was a reminder to be very careful.  I slept with bear spray, a machete, and with one eye open.

Here is my camp site for the night.  I stayed in Lake Louise.
Ending mileage 93689 (568 miles today)

 Dinner was creamed corn and chicken flavored ramen 

I plan to try and make it to Prince George tomorrow.

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