Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 13 Edmonton to Harlowton, Montana

Well, I'm on the final leg of the trip.  I spoke with Devon today and I can't wait to see her.

I left Edmonton at about 4am as I wanted to get out of Edmonton before the traffic started.  Edmonton is a gigantic town with a ton of people, so traffic can get pretty bad.  There were many construction zones which had some of the routes I was going to take closed, so I had to plan alternate routes.  I was able to get out, but not before the traffic started.  Luckily, I was on the right side of the highway (headed south).  The northbound folks were going to be waiting for quite awhile.  I was a little nervous about driving in Edmonton because the folks there drive fast and erratic.  I did make it through just fine.

The border crossing took about 45 minutes this time as there was a line.  I was asked the standard questions and allowed to pass.

One thing that does amaze me is that there is a definite line where your cell service starts as stops at the border.  It is very weird.  I wonder how they do that.

I rode through the hills of norther Montana and enjoyed the ride.  Today was the first day since I left that I did not get rained on.

I made back to Harlowton, Montana and am staying in the same motel that I stayed in on my way to Alaska.  I like it, it's basic and cheap.  Just like me.

The Wing and trailer are showing more wear today.  I noticed while gassing up the Wing that the right fork is leaking fork oil from the seal.  I also found a few bolts that have shaken loose.  The amount of abuse the Wing and the trailer have endured during the course of this trip.  I will have to do some reconditioning of the Wing and trailer when I get back, or perhaps I can talk Devon into letting me buy one of these..........

BMW GS 1200
or one of these:

Goldwing 1800
Here are some photos from today:

It was a beautiful sunrise above Edmonton this morning.

I looked over and saw my shadow, I thought it was a cool photo.

Not much to look at today.

The blown fork seal.  I bet this happened north of Destruction Bay.

I wanted to show you how dirty the Wing is.

I saw no wild life today.

I will be traveling to my parent's house tomorrow and am anxious to see them.

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