Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 8 Fairbanks

Last night we were not able to look at the bike.  A large thunderstorm rolled in.  It rained buckets and the lightening was phenomenal.  This morning, I cleaned the micro switches at the clutch and hand brake with no luck.

I will be meeting with my GWRRA friend and another GWRRA member this morning to figure this out.  I have been invited to breakfast first at my new friend's house.

So the new plan is to do a maintenance day for the Wing.  I will try to get the cruise working and change the oil.  Then tonight, laundry.

Tomorrow morning, cruise or no cruise, I will head off to the Arctic Circle.  I understand there is a campground up there.  I will spend the night there, then hit it hard to head back home.

Sorry, no pictures today yet.  It is about 5:00 am here.

No wildlife count yet, but the mosquitoes are really thick here.


  1. Hey Ed,
    It has been a blast keeping up with your travels. I am working up on the Dalton at the Yukon Response Base. The only real problems with the highway for now is some road construction at MP 15-17. I am not sure if they are working on Sundays or not. Other then some really dark clouds, the road it dry. If it does rain tonight, beware because the road becomes slicker then snot. It should take you around 2.5-3 hours to reach the Yukon from Fairbanks. So, I will be looking for your wing and if I do see it, I will stop and holler at you.

  2. ArcticGuard907,

    Thank you for the comment and for keeping up with the blog. I hope to meet you up there. The road does have me a little concerned, I am sure there will be sections which may stretch my riding abilities. I have heard other riders talk about it when it gets wet, they refer to it as pig snot. If it's wet, I probably will not risk it, the Wing is just too big and heavy. If I had my KLR 650, I would not be as concerned and would probably attempt Prudhoe Bay.

    I am also hoping the trucking traffic is a little less since it is a Sunday, but I suspect it will be full bore just like every other day of the week.