Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 7 Part 2 Tok to Fairbanks

I made it to Fairbanks and have set up camp at the University of Alaska.  I am staying in Wickersham Hall.  It's just like being in college all over again.

The drive here from Tok was very easy.  I drove past Eielson Air Force Base this afternoon.  The runway is right next to the highway.  It was really neat to watch the jets take off and land.  Wow, they are fast and loud!!

Here are some more pictures from today:

The mountains just west of Tok.

Just outside of Tok, I crossed a bridge and had to stop to take some pictures.   This was the  south side.

This is the north side of the bridge.  The pictures do not do the are justice.

Another angle of the north side.

This is  a picture straight down.
I was able to meet up with the GWRRA member who is helping me with the cruise control problem.  He is a really nice fellow and it was great to meet him.  When we initially met, he treated me like a family member.  It was great.  We are going to go over to his house when he gets off work to look at the bike.  

Overall, today was good day.  If we are able to get the cruise control fixed, I will head up to the Arctic Circle tomorrow.  If not, there is another GWRRA member who is a pretty good wrench that is willing to look at it tomorrow, so I will have him look then attempt the Arctic Circle on Sunday.

Cheers for now,

I also saw more animals to add to the count:

Moose count:  3

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