Sunday, February 12, 2012

Trailer tires and a plug kit

Well, not much is going on here this weekend as it is very cold in Oklahoma City. 

This weekend, we installed new tires on our trailer.  We were not able to upgrade the trailer tires to twelve inch rims as they were too big to fit in the wheel openings.  We wound up buying a set of Carlisle USA Trail tires. 

We went with the C rated (6 ply) to accommodate additional weight if needed.  The best price we were able to find was on Ebay, so we ordered them.  Yesterday, we brought them over to Discount Tire and had them mounted at a cost of $6.00.

These have a great new tread pattern.

Here is the wheel and tire mounted on the trailer.  We don't really like the moon caps, but for now they will do.
Since we are on the topic of tires, we also purchased a fresh tire plug kit.  We always have one in the bike along with an air compressor just in case.  For this trip, we wanted to make sure we had a fresh kit.

Talk to you soon,

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