Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Milepost-The Bible of North Country Travel

Can I just say how unbelievably happy I am that the Wing is back up and running?  Really Ed is a bear to live with when it’s down.  A complete and utter grump.  Not to mention my garage looked like a parts convention and me and the kids had to tip toe around it all, constantly in fear of accidentally moving something and watching the grizzly bear explode! 

Last week our Milepost arrived (thank you Amazon) and OMG we were sooooo excited.  Yes we were jumping up and down like a couple of teenage girls.  OK Ed wasn’t, but I was.
Our plan was to use our regular Saturday date night to sit and plan go eat at our favorite Greek place and spend lots of time reading.  But life has a funny way of biting you in the tucus and reminding you of your obligations.  The first problem that came up was our in house teens had a band competition in Broken Arrow.  This meant our two babysitters would be MIA.  So I put plan B into place…pack a book, the DS and iPod and bring him along.  He’s ten so I figured I could bribe him to be good with the promise of dessert, all the soda he could drink and tons the video games and all would be well.  Lucky for me he’s a good kid and easily bribable. 

After Ed spent ALL day with the wing I was anxious to get out and start planning and I think he was tired of hearing me squeal like a little girl.  So we loaded up our 10 year old and headed to Let’s Do Greek in Edmond, Oklahoma.  Part of the reason we love this place, aside from the really good food, is that it is run by a family that believes in family time.  What we failed to remember was that they close at 2 pm on Saturday’s because they spend time together as a family.  OOPS!  We had to go with plan B (again).  Off to Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers, not Greek but we do love their frozen custard and my ten year old was over the moon excited about the promise of custard.  What can I say he’s cheep. 

The information in this book is truly amazing.  I was blown away by the amount of detail in this one book.  Not only were we able to map out our route, but we were also able to map out a few scenic detours.  I love that there were markers indicating where we could find camping,  amenities, wildlife viewing, medical aid, and gas stations.  No wonder it’s called The Bible of North Country Travel, it truly has everything.  Since I have not actually taken this trip I can only view it from the before part, but I can tell you it has answered just about every question I have.  I promise to blog after our trip and let everyone know if it lives up to its promise.  But I have a feeling it will give me all that I need and probably more.  Right now, and this could change, we plan to take the Cassiar and Yellowhead highways to Faribanks.  Three hours later, a steakburger, fries and a frozen custard we felt more informed.  We were ready to hop on the Wing and hit the road.  Too bad we had a 10 year old and Old Man Winter in our way. 

Although we seem to planning this trip we really aren’t planning.  We have a route; we have leave date and return date, but how many miles we cover each day will depend on how we feel.  Since we are camping, there will be no need to book any hotels not only will this keep our costs down but it will also give us more freedom to go as slow or fast as we like.  I may not be a big fan of camping but I want my freedom to roam as I please more than a comfy bed.  And believe it or not I'm actually looking forward to it. 

So now we have one more thing to cross off our list, one step closer to our dream.  Our tent and sleeping bags arrived and were planning on testing them out in the backyard.  Keep your eyes peeled for a review.  
Planning the trip with The Milepost.


  1. Am loving the blog!! My husband has already been in contact with your husband. We're planning a trip to Alaska next July. Would love to know what all camping gear you've bought. We have no camping gear, don't know what to buy so we'll be researching what others have used.

    We're ordering the mile posts book tonight. Can't wait to get it in!!

  2. Taminator-Thanks for the kind words! Before this endeavor we had a limited supply of camping gear, mostly stuff our boys would use for camping with the Boy Scouts. So we've had to do some shopping. This weekend we'll be testing it out and posting a review. So keep your eyes peeled. I can see why it's called the Bible of North Country Travel. It really is that good.